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Blinds “U” C-80 and Z-90 Standard

  • Aluminum shielding sheet 1.5 mm thick in 4 variants – powder-coated
  • Extruded aluminum guide- Extruded aluminum guide
  • C-shaped laths with curled edges for extra strength
  • Z-shaped laths for greater shading
  • Infinite control of slat tilt for free adjustment of light intensity. Slat rotation of 180 degrees (for C-80) and 90 degrees (for Z-90)
  • In the case of Z-lamellas – a profile that silences the operation of the system when the lamellas are closed
  • Zinc and aluminum alloy pins
  • Wrapped holes in the slats to protect the ribbons from abrasion
  • Heat-fixed polyester textile elements, resistant to stretching, abrasion and exposure to UV rays, aramid reinforced ladder

Available profile colors