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Cassette roller shutters

Mini cassette system is equipped with flat aluminum guides, which are glued directly to the glazing bars. Their shape makes them blend in perfectly with the window frames, making the construction of the roller blind almost invisible. The roller blind is equipped with a self-braking mechanism , which allows you to stop it at any height. Its installation or possible replacement is very fast and easy. The system is also adapted for the use of “day & night” fabrics, which, like facade blinds, allow smooth regulation of light access.

The Mini-Cassette Glass Window Textile Roller Shutter System is a modern solution that will work perfectly in any interior and meet the expectations of the most demanding users. The elegant appearance of the system is provided by a slender streamlined cassette made of extruded aluminum. Its well-thought-out shape allows the windows to be opened wider with the blind mounted on the sash. The cassette, thanks to the designed fin, is directly mounted to the window frame with screws.

The Mini-Navy textile roller blind system is a classic solution designed for shading interiors of various purposes. The aesthetically pleasing cassette of the roller blind is made of extruded aluminum and equipped with a snap-in adapter profile that allows its non-invasive installation and removal at any time. It is also possible to screw the side tiles of the cassette directly to the window surface with screws. A characteristic element of the system is the C-profile aluminum spatial guides. They are glued to the surface of the frame so as not to obscure the light of the window with double-sided foam tape. The Mini-Blind is equipped with a self-locking mechanism, which allows it to be stopped at any height. The proposed solution is also adapted to the use of “day & night” type fabrics, which, thanks to their structure, allow free regulation of light access.