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Door mosquito net

The MRO opening frame mosquito net system perfectly protects the interior from insects while working perfectly with balcony doors. The profile of the mosquito net frame has a rounded, modern shape, which perfectly blends in with the currently used window frames. The mosquito net frame is connected by aluminum inner corners, which significantly stiffens the whole structure. It is also possible to choose how to connect the profiles to the corners by clamping them on the press or with pressure screws. Additional reinforcement in the form of a connecting profile makes it possible to make a frame of larger dimensions. In addition, a brush seal is placed around the perimeter of the frame, providing additional sealing. In case of a possible collision with the handle, it is possible to mount the mosquito net leaf on an independent aluminum frame.

Both PVC and aluminum hinges are available. The product also provides the option of using a bottom profile, additionally equipped with a brush gasket to seal the space to the ground. Two opening options are available: an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing handle or a specially shaped connecting profile that allows the mosquito net to be closed and opened from both the inside and outside of the leaf. The magnetic tape has been discreetly hidden in the profile, which ensures high aesthetics of the design. The filling plate located in the lower part of the leaf comes in two heights. Its main task is to protect the mesh from possible damage during opening. This plate is additionally protected by a rubber gasket, which has a soundproofing function.

Available colors