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DUO blinds

Duo blind – is a product that works like a textile roller blind that also has the properties of a horizontal blind. When opened it can replace a curtain and when closed it is a curtain that protects from the sun,  and in the evening it provides privacy in the room. It is suitable for obscuring rather large spaces due to the specific material used in these window covers. This is a collection called HAWAJE.

Duo blind, also known as a textile blind with the properties of a horizontal blind, is an innovative product that offers many functions and uses. In addition to the standard function of a roller blind, acting as a window cover, this textile roller blind can also replace a curtain when opened and provide a curtain to protect from the sun when closed. In addition, in the evening, it is an ideal solution for providing privacy in a room.

The distinguishing feature of this blind is the use of a special material called HAWAJE, which is suitable for obscuring mainly large spaces. This unique material has been carefully selected to provide effective protection from the sun, while adding elegance and style to the interior. As a result, the HAWAJE duo roller blind not only fulfills the practical function of a window cover, but also provides a decorative element that blends perfectly with different types of decor.

The advantages of duo roller blinds HAWAJE are numerous. First, they provide effective protection from the sun’s rays, so the room remains pleasantly cool and protected from excessive heat. The ability to adjust the lighting by changing the position of the blinds in the blinds allows you to adjust the amount of light entering the interior, which creates a pleasant atmosphere and prevents glare.

In addition, the HAWAJE duo blind allows you to easily control your privacy. You can adjust the level of window covering according to your needs and preferences. When you crave more light and visibility, simply raise the fabric blind to reveal the window. On the other hand, when you want more privacy, just lower the blind and HAWAJE becomes a solid curtain for privacy in the room.

The HAWAJE duo roller blind is also an easy-to-use and functional product. Various control options are available, such as traditional chains that allow you to precisely adjust the position of the blind, or modern electrically controlled solutions that provide even more comfort. You can also customize the color and design of the HAWAJE to your taste and preference to perfectly match your interior design.