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Free-Hanging Blinds

The system of free-hanging textile roller blinds belongs to the family of the simplest and at the same time most frequently used forms of shading. It is a cassette-free solution, designed to be installed directly on the window sash. Thanks to the use of specially designed non-invasive brackets, the installation of the system is extremely simple and does not require much effort. A distinctive feature of the roller blinds in this system is the line guidance, which, unlike such products available on the market, is placed under the fabric. Such an aesthetic treatment allows to protect the line from snagging when opening the window, which could risk damaging it.

The free-hanging roller shutter system uses an innovative solution of the line tensioner, which is equipped with a self-locking mechanism. Durable and reliable design of this element allows easy installation of the system on the window sash. The self-locking mechanism used in the roller shutter in the chain system allows it to stop at any height. Its installation or possible replacement is very fast and simple. A variant of the system is available with the use of “day & night” type fabric. , which allows you to adjust the incoming light to complete darkness.