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Pleated mosquito net

The pleated mosquito net system is a solution designed primarily to save space. This product is ideal for installation on terrace doors and in balcony niches, where the width reaches up to 4 meters. A distinctive feature of this product is the use of a special pleated net, which folds into an accordion when closed and retracts into the side profile. Thus, the mosquito net takes up little space allowing optimal use of space. Importantly, it does not in any way impair the functionality of the door, nor does it limit visibility to the outside.

This system is characterized by extremely smooth sliding, which makes its use very easy and effortless. In addition, the design of the mosquito net allows you to stop it in any position. The advantage of this solution is also a low threshold, which does not impede free passage in any way. The structure of the mosquito net is made of extruded aluminum, which makes it durable and resistant to weathering, plus it can be varnished in any color. The pleated mosquito net is designed to work seamlessly with roller shutter systems , which use PPMO 53 guide.

Available colors