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RC2 RC3 anti-burglary roller shutter

Modern design, functionality, ease of installation and operation, as well as aesthetic appearance will allow to match roller blinds to the requirements of the building and the color of the facade. In this type of product, individual elements, such as guides, have special reinforcement, which prevents the bending and pulling out of roller shutter profiles. In addition, a sufficiently strong construction of the roller shutter curtain prevents it from being damaged during impact. In addition, the ratchet mechanism mounted at the bottom of the roller shutter prevents the closed curtain from being lifted, which guarantees effective home security. The roller shutters are made of aluminum, so they are characterized by lightness, weather resistance and ease of maintenance. During our absence, they will protect the windows and balcony from the sight of potential burglars, and our possessions from theft. Thanks to the insulation, we will also shield the interior of the house from excessive sunlight and heat.

The RC2 and RC3 class of burglary resistance was confirmed, among other things, by tests conducted by the German institute IFT Rosenheim. The tests were carried out based on the European standard EN 1627:2021..

Available profile colors

Available panel colors