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Roll-up mosquito net

The proposed system is extremely versatile, as it is also adapted for installation on vertical windows. Thanks to the design within the system of the variant of the guide with an offset, it is also possible to install a roof mosquito net in a situation where the window is equipped with a drip cap, which prevents standard installation directly to the window frame. This solution improves accessibility to the bottom bar and makes it easier to fasten the catch. The offer includes an external PVC corner, the use of which significantly improves the comfort and safety of the mosquito net. Thanks to this element, it is also possible to cut the frame at right angles, which greatly facilitates production. Its installation is quick and easy. In addition, it is possible to use an inner corner made of aluminum.

Rolled mosquito net system is an excellent and extremely airtight solution to protect the interior from insects with the ability to close and open at any time. The structure of the mosquito net (box, guides, bottom bar) is made of extruded aluminum, which ensures its durability and strength for many years of use. Thanks to the use of a special catch, we can adjust the height of the net closing. In addition, it is possible to use a brake, which allows the bottom slat to close gently and noiselessly into the box. There is also an intuitive mechanism for convenient closing and opening of the AluClick mosquito net, which makes its use very simple and does not require much effort. When closing it, all you have to do is gently click the bottom bar of the mosquito net. When you want to open it, on the other hand, you press on the slat, which opens automatically.

The rolled roof mosquito net system is a modern and highly functional solution designed mainly for installation on roof windows. The structure of the mosquito net is made of extruded aluminum and is based mainly on the components of the roof mosquito net system. This made it possible to use, among other things, a bottom bar and guides, which are perfectly matched to a specially designed hook attachment. Thanks to the innovative solution, it is possible to lock the bottom slat on the roof windows from the inside. In addition, the well-thought-out shape of the hook allows for efficient hooking and unhooking of the bottom slat, which makes the use of the mosquito net very simple and does not require much effort. In addition, the catch ensures that the bottom part of the mosquito net is sealed, eliminating the need for additional gaskets.

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