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Rolling garage door BGR

There are many types of garage doors, including, among others, roll-up and sectional, as well as overhead doors. Choosing the right one depends primarily on what our requirements are for the product. If it is to have an electric drive, for example, and take up a minimum of space, we should opt for a roll-up gate. The roll-up gate is so versatile that it can be installed both in existing facilities and those just under construction. Its particular advantage is that it saves space, since the gate works in the vertical plane. This will be appreciated especially by those who do not have a large driveway in their home space or park their car directly from the street. The raised curtain of the gate also does not limit visibility, which significantly affects the safety of the person driving the car.

Promyk offers gates with electric drive. The roll-up gate is not only convenient to use, but above all safe. The use of an electric drive allows the use of remote control. Radio control allows opening and closing by remote control, without the need to get out of the car. This solution will prove useful in the evening, during the rain and in winter. The gate is equipped with anti-drop protection. In addition, the gate can be equipped with a number of security features such as photocells or closing edge protection.

PA 77 profile is used for rolling garage doors. The profile’s sturdy construction makes it possible to build gates of large dimensions. The profile is offered in a wide range of colors similar to the RAL system. It is also possible to cover the profile with a decorative film. The coating obtained in this way is characterized by very good color fastness and high resistance to abrasion. It is resistant to weathering.

Aluminum profiles are among environmentally clean products. The foam that fills them is free of CFC compounds, and the paints used in production do not contain cadmium. Depending on your needs, it can be combined with PER 77 glazed or PEW 77 ventilated profiles.

Technical parameters:

  • Weight per 1m² [kg] – 4, 8
  • Profile thickness [mm] – 18, 5
  • Number of slats per 1m height [pcs.] – 13
  • Maximum product area [m²] – 15
  • Profile height [mm] – 77

Available profiles