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SKB lintel roller shutter

The SKB Styroterm overhead roller shutter system is a highly technologically advanced solution, which was developed with the aim of improving the energy balance of the building. Tests at the renowned research institute IFT ROSENHEIM have shown that the proposed solution is characterized by an extremely low thermal transmittance coefficient (Usb as low as 0.29 W/m²K), which places this system in the first place among other products of this type. As in the case of the SKT Opoterm system, the installation of the roller shutter involves direct mounting of the box on the window frame with the help of a suitably selected adaptation profile. Several variants are available, which are matched to 90% of the profiles available on the market. The SKB Styroterm system is designed to be completely embedded in the insulation, so the box remains an unnoticeable part of the building facade.

The main element of this product is the box, which is made of specially designed according to the guidelines material , characterized by very good thermal properties. It is available in two sizes: 260 × 260mm and 300 × 300mm. Installation of the box is very quick and easy. It consists in direct mounting of the box on the window frame with the help of a suitably selected adaptation profile (inserting or inserting). The use of this type of construction allows it to be used both in newly erected buildings, as well as in existing ones during the replacement of window frames. The SKB Styroterm overhead system provides for the possibility of installing special steel reinforcements of the box (so-called static consoles), which is intended to ensure proper and stable functioning of the roller shutter especially in the case of large dimensions. These reinforcements are characterized by simple construction, and their shape does not interfere with the components of the roller shutter. In addition, these elements are insulated with so-called fittings. Thoughtful design of the system makes it possible to make a single roller shutter, as well as a set of roller shutters in a single box.

Roller shutters in the SKB Styroterm system can be equipped with a mosquito net built into the box. Its installation is very fast and easy thanks to the click technology. The advantage of the product is also the possibility to choose the way of revision from inside or outside the room. In the case of the latter, there is a significant improvement over the solutions used in the market. The frequently used inspection cover in the form of an angle screwed to the window frame has been replaced by a screw-in aluminum profile, which ensures non-invasive installation. The aluminum profile is pasted directly into the bottom profile of the box. This solution ensures the appropriate rigidity of the revision, and what’s more, it makes it possible to match the color of the woodwork or the facade, as the profile can be varnished in any color from the RAL palette. Importantly, the well-thought-out design of the system allows the use of a facade blind mechanism in the box. Installation of the rail is very fast and simple. In the SKB Styroterm system it is possible to use profiles with polyurethane foam and PVC profiles.

Available profile colors

Available panel colors