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SKT overhead roller shutter

SKT OPOTERM is a very versatile product designed primarily for installation in newly erected buildings (mainly developer construction) or when replacing window frames. This system belongs to the family of overhead roller shutters, the installation of which consists in direct mounting of the box on the window frame by means of a suitably selected adaptive profile, compatible with the profile of the window frame. The roller shutter box is made of very high quality PVC components, and its interior has been additionally insulated, thus increasing thermal insulation, which was confirmed by tests carried out at the IFT ROSENHEIM Institute. The tests were carried out for boxes using EPS (Neopor) insulating material, based on current standards and calculation methods. Very good parameters were obtained, e.g. the SKT 230/170 box with an integrated mosquito net achieved a coefficient of Usb =0.73 W/(m˛K), which is important while maintaining the high windage of the system, which makes it possible to obscure larger glazing.

SKT OPOTERM is a versatile product, allowing installation without built-in, with partial or complete built-in, as the front of the box is at the same time an underlay for any finishing material (e.g. polystyrene, plaster, clinker, etc. ), so that it remains an unnoticeable element of the facade. The well-thought-out design of the system makes it possible to make a single shutter, as well as a set of shutters in a single box. The system is also available in a variant with narrow guides made of extruded aluminum for maxi and mini profiles, which allow additional insulation of the frame, which minimizes heat loss. The roller shutter curtain can be made based on the use of profiles with polyurethane foam or PVC profiles. The design of the roller shutter additionally allows integration with a mosquito net, which guarantees effective protection against insects.

Three variants of the system are available: SKT OPOTERM NOVA, SKT OPOTERM RENO and SKT OPOTERM MONOBLOCKSKT OPOTERM NOVA – compared to the standard version of the SKT OPOTERM system, the location of the MKT integrated mosquito net has changed. The MOSKITO unit was placed under the roller shutter’s armor, bringing it closer to the window frame. Installation of this solution is very simple. As in the case of the SKB STYROTEM system, the armor sliders are adapters for mounting the MKT on the bail. Importantly, a properly wound mosquito net can be inserted into the box at any time – during production or on a box already mounted on the frame. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that changing the position of the mosquito net does not change the winding parameters of the system. The advantage of the system is also the possibility to mount the side cover caps on the already mounted roller shutter through a click. In addition, thanks to a special slider adapter, it is possible to make a wide roller shutter with narrower guides, which is often a desired solution especially on the French market. The adapter is available for both electric and manual control. In the latter case, the possibility of making a wider box means that the exit of the belt or cord will be at the width of the facade, hence the possibility of mounting the retractor on the wall.

SKT OPOTERM RENO was developed with the French market in mind, where it is very common to use old reveals that are not dismantled during renovation, as they are a load-bearing element of the building structure. The solution is very versatile. The box is cut in the shape of the letter “Z”, which allows it to fit all versions of renovation frames on the market, whose fin size ranges from 25 mm even to 110 mm. This product is only available for sytem versions without a mosquito net.

SKT OPOTERM MONOBLOCK, on the other hand, is a solution designed mainly for the French market, where very often the walls of buildings are insulated from the inside of the room, and the window frames are installed in the insulation layer. This, in turn, entails the need for special window profiles, the so-called monoblocks, and thus greatly complicates the possibility of using overhead roller shutters. To solve this problem, a system solution of guides adapted to the installation of roller blinds on this type of window frames was designed. This product is characterized by a small size and is devoid of any fixing elements. The guide is available in two versions – an aluminum one with a flat back wall and a slanted PVC one matching the bevel of the monoblock frame, which provides a stable mounting base.

Available profile colors

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