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ZIIP lintel Reflexola

Screen type sunshades are very functional solutions and are eagerly used both in public buildings and in residential construction. The main advantage of these types of products is that they protect rooms from intense sunlight through the use of specialized technical fabrics. In addition, they protect interiors from the gaze of unwanted people while maintaining good visibility to the outside. These solutions also provide an effective optical barrier to light entering the room, minimizing the glare effect that can arise on monitor screens. With appropriately selected fabric, they are also a stylish addition that will give the facility a unique character. It is worth remembering that a properly selected screen system can also act as a mosquito net, effectively protecting the premises from the presence of insects.

The SKB/ZiiP system is the most popular system in the family of screen-type sunshades, which is designed for use in both public buildings and modern residential construction. This product perfectly reduces solar radiation without sacrificing natural daylight, providing optimum protection against excessive room heating.

In this system there is no direct integration of the fabric with the guide. This cover is available in flush-mounted, overhead and adaptive versions. Depending on the selected product variant, there are structural elements made of aluminum sheet, PVC or extruded aluminum, and they are mainly adopted from the ZIP system. This is extremely important for manufacturers, as it allows the use of most components such as guides, winding tube or load bar and thus optimize inventory. The solution is also equipped with a telescopic holder for the winding tube, providing installers with quick installation, system removal and non-invasive service access. This mount can also be used with roller shutters. No manual control is available. Maximum dimensions are: 5000×5000mm (16m²)

Available fabrics: