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ZIIP Reflexola

Reflectors are a modern shielding product, mounted on the outside of a window or glass wall, just like classic roller blinds. Creating a barrier against excessive sunlight – they provide optimal visual and thermal comfort, while acting as protection against insects and wind. As a result, users can enjoy their private zone in peace and quiet, remaining in contact with their surroundings at all times.

Screen fabric roller blinds are weatherproof and virtually maintenance-free, and operation is easy and convenient thanks to electric drive. Roller blinds make it possible to effectively shade a small window, as well as entire glass areas in all kinds of residential, civil and administrative buildings, furthermore becoming a unique decorative architectural element.

  • Fabric fixed and tensioned in special guides, like a zipper
  • In the ZiiP Refleksola, thanks to the placement of the fabric in special guides, completely closing the roller blind eliminates the risk of insects getting in. In addition, the fabric does not flap in the wind even with large spans, giving users a feeling of peace and quiet inside the room.
  • Square cassette in extruded or bent version
  • Extruded aluminium slatted runners
  • Two-piece guide with compensating seal system
  • Access to the revision from the front of the system
  • Can be painted in any RAL colour
  • Extra-heavy bottom bar tightens up the fabric
  • Zip mechanism
  • Self-supporting system

Materials available: