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Pleated windows are one of the most interesting solutions for interior shades. Thanks to their design, they can be mounted on all types of windows, including roof windows, conservatories, and glazed roof structures. They are a product that is simple to measure and install, and can work in any direction. The collection of pleated fabrics is very rich in a variety of colors and patterns.

Venetian blinds are an extremely versatile product that are extremely popular due to their flexibility and adaptability to different interiors. They can be installed in alcoves, perfectly matching the architecture of the rooms, as well as on windows, creating a stylish and functional solution. What’s more, pleats also work well in spaces with unusual shapes, such as trapeziums, semicircles, triangles or even polygons, where traditional curtains can prove problematic.

Because of their versatility, pleats come in a wide range of models, allowing everyone to find the perfect solution for their interior. We can choose from a variety of fabrics, textures and colours, matching the pleats to the style and character of the room. This allows us to create a unique atmosphere and emphasise the individual character of the interior

It is also worth mentioning that pleats are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. They can control the impact of light and provide privacy in a room by adjusting the intensity and direction of light. In addition, some pleat models can be operated with a handle, allowing the blinds to be raised and lowered conveniently. Selected models are also equipped with strings, making it possible to adjust the height of the blinds. There are also special pleats designed for roof windows, which are ideal for attic rooms.

The great news for colour lovers is that our pleated blinds are available in over 600 different shades. That’s a huge choice to match your blinds to any interior colour scheme. Whether you prefer muted shades or intense colours, you’re sure to find the perfect pleat colour to suit your needs.

Available material colours